History of tattoo

Tattoos as art has been known for over 5,000 years. For example the Prehistoric Man Found frozen in ice, They had found that around 5300 years ago He had been tatooed with strokes and loops.

The Warriors from the north (the Celts, Vikings) etc etc where very famous for their tattoos, and also The African tribes. And the inhabitants of the Americas Also the islands of Polynesia.

In Europe in the eighteenth century James Cook brought tattoos To Britain, and thus began wide fashion for having a tattoo . Initially tattoos were taken by a members of either :secret associations, political organizations, or sects ... etc. Tattoos have become increasingly popular, both in criminal circles, and among people which have a high social standing.

One of the oldest surviving examples of tattooing was found on the body of a 4000-year old Egyptian mummy of the royal family. The image of the Sun God on a body of a young man was ,,dotted,, using a bone needle, and in the wounds created they ,, rubbed in a mixture of an animal fat and soot. Celts used a dye extract from plants. The Tribes of Native America used the iconic characters as color of war, whose objective was to scare the enemy.

Julius Caesar wrote that: Celtic warriors tattooed aroused Fear and concern among his troops. Indians pierced skin with thorns and rubbed in the wounds soot or juice from berries. Eskimos pulled into the skin pieces of string covered with soot to decorate their bodys. Sometimes a tattoo fulfilled the role of the amulet, the tattooed animals which they believed protected the holder of the tattoo and to give him strength and courage.

For example,They believed that the dolphin theme scares sharks, because sharks have never been seen in places where dolphins circled. In Europe, tattooing was fairly common until the Middle Ages, when the Christians began to loudly oppose it. Nobody wanted to be recognized as a heretic so then tattooing just disappeared for about a thousand years.

The Interest for a tattoos in England revived again for good thanks to John Rutherford, who in 1816 was captured by the Maoris. Until his release in 1821,The Maoris tatooed almost the entire area of Rutherfords body.

There are many ancient myths concerning tattoos. Some say that thanks to tattoos you will be recognized by the spirits of your relatives who died before your birth. The Tattoo is the only thing you take with you on your last journey to the other world.