My passion


My passion for a long time had always been tattoos, drawing, painting. I love to do this and I cant live without it. Once, someone asked me when did i have done my first tattoo? ha ha ha My answer is always the same- the doctor threw me a tattoo machine the day i was born and so it was .. This curse of mine goes directly to the present day. "Who does not have a tattoo?."They must be nerds.

I am an unconventional lunatic - for some i am a antisocial freak of human skin. A graduate of a public kindergarten in Szczecin and many schools from which I was excluded for eternal oblivion, I was always bunking off school ha ha ha.

After graduating , i have been obliged to complete my education , i was still spun at being antisocial. I did what I like .. i was tatooing , drawing, sketching, painting etc etc, even when i went to concerts and drinking beer.

Hmmmmm ... why Skinhead ? Many believe that this movement are scum, drunks,cosmopolitans, etc. My approach, as well as many other of my friends is a little different than the.skinhead picture portrayed through the media and in society which is sad.

I believe that we are people who have their own honour and pride.We take care of our cultural and ethnical affiliation and differences. People say that we are are racists hahaha. If you think that its racist to love our National pride and culture and respect our ancestors and not to forget who they were Then that's your decision, we do not let the media insult us, also we don't like how and what some politicians and other political party's do to our country. So after all this are we racists?. And it is well known that we will always want to improve the existence of our country and Europe.

Signed: Master Madman Skiniu